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Yawanawa Forca Femenina Hapé

Yawanawa Forca Femenina Hapé

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YawanaForca Femenina: The Women's Strength Hapé is elaborated in the traditional Yawanawá, with tsunu ash and handmade rope tobacco. This snuff brings the feminine power of the new generation Yawanawá, as it is made by Nawashahu, a young woman who was introduced very early in the spiritual tradition of its people. Nawashahu is the daughter of Chief Nixiwaká and Putany, the first woman Pajé of the Yawanawá people.

Putany and her sister Hushahu were the first women of the Yawanawá people to be initiated into Rare Muká, which represents the most advanced study of the shamanism of their culture. Together, they broke a taboo within the Yawanawá tradition, for before women women were not allowed to use the sacred medicines of the Uni (ayahuasca) and Rume / Dume (snuff).
It is in this sense that Yawanawá Women's Strength Snuff becomes even more special, since it is a medicine that represents a female conquest of Yawanawá women within their spirituality.

Ethically and sustainably gathered and crafted in the Amazon Rainforest of Acre, Brazil.

Recommended Use

Hapé is administered by blowing it into the nostrils using a kuripe or tepi made from bamboo or bone. This intense blow clears the mind, halting internal chatter, and opening a space for intentions. It helps release emotional, physical, and spiritual ailments, easing negativity and confusion for better grounding.Indigenous tribes view every medicinal plant as sacred, to be used with reverence. It's recommended to use Hapé in a respectful environment that honors its healing properties. Before starting, sit in silence and set an intention for your experience, such as seeking insights, physical or energetic healing, or clarity in your life. After the experience, ground yourself by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath, concentrating on your thoughts and the energy released by the medicine.

Our Hapé

The integrity of our Hapé comes from working closely with families in Acre, Brazil, where it is carefully crafted. Each batch is created with reverence, invoking the spirit of the medicine for ultimate healing.

We consider this medicine a sacrament, meant to be approached with respect and trust. Spiritual study is encouraged, and access is given to those showing genuine interest in spiritual growth.


Store Hapé in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain its potency and freshness. Use an airtight container to prevent exposure to moisture and air.


The recommended usage of this product is based on traditional methods and has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose or cure any medical conditions. The information provided is purely for educational purposes. Always consult with your healthcare provider before incorporating this product into your treatment plan.

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