About us

Hapé Apothecary, Plant Medicine Rituals, Amazonian Medicine,


House of Energy began as a crystal and tea shop in Toronto (Canada)  in 2012 and remained open there until December 2021, when a global pandemic called for a shift in approach to inventory, practices and location. House of Energy is now based out of Tulum, Mexico and operates purely online with the help of their team, distributors and manufactures across North and South Americas.   

It’s owners (husband/wife team Oswaldo, Talitha and their children) have been applying the wisdom, teachings and inventory from their elders (Jasmine, and local indigenous communities based in Southern Americas) to evolve House of Energy into what it is today. 

Roots & Focus

Our roots are based in shamanism, plant medicines and metaphysical tools. At one point we had over 500 crystals in our shop, and frequently travelled to mines across North America, uncovering wisdom and experiences in indigenous cultures hosting these elements (focusing largely on Brazil and Mexico). 

Our focus had historically been on hosting ceremonies and rituals for people in Toronto –creating a sense of community for others who were looking to develop new personal rituals, practices, etc. This led us to new ways to approach evolutionary tools, opening to the doors to forms of indigenous medicines like Hape (Amazonian Snuff), Sananga (Stimulating Eye Drops), Temazcal (Sweatlodge).

Today House of Energy focuses on delivering these evolutionary tools and indigenous wisdom to others who are seeking sustainable, spiritual practices. 

“The path of medicine is the study of self. For us that means learning from indigenous cultures; observing and understanding ourselves through nature, through our environments and through each other.” 

Mission & Purpose: “Seek and you shall find”. 

Our purpose is to support others in their spiritual journeys, and building a bridge between them and the indinegious communities who’s products and practices are helping to ground, clear, connect and expand each of us collectively and individually. 

By supporting indigenous communities (their rituals, practice and products) you are helping to support and preserve their traditions. 

Our Team 

Our team is composed of families and communities. We support our producers from the American Continents (predominantly Mexico and Brazil). Our main fulfillment center is made possible by a team in Canada. We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with artists, hosts, wholesalers, retailers and local producers: contact us at info@houseofenergy.ca


Tell us about your own journey with plant-medicine, crystals and personal rituals and let us share your wisdom on our BLOG so others may learn through your eyes. Send us written or video experiences with the key-topic in your subject line to info@houseofenergy.ca, and any pictures/images you feel important to share.