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Spiritual Wellness

arrives with Ancestral Awareness

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Accessing Timeless Wisdom

Inside House of Energy there is a secret gem that provides access to experiences of initiation with the elements of nature in synergy with native and modern non-invasive techniques. A new space is reveal and matter takes new shapes as we help dissolve the heart walls that imposes suffering in our lives and confuses the meaning of our human condition.

At House of Energy we offer a wide variety of services and events. One of this services is an ancient form of Divination from the 13th Century called Tarot. Based in ancient teachings from Egypt and passed down through out the sands of times until our current times. Do you have a situation in your life that needs guidance? You don't know what to do? Do you have a complication in your relations? Are you looking for a better job? or a better life style? Ask Inna, our in house Tarot reader.



My name is Inna and I am natural Tarot Reader.

I was born in Russia in religious family, but was always drawn to the mysteries of the World. And I believe that the greatest mystery of all is us, people.

I always felt that I was different: I’ve read my friends palms, read any book about occult, magic, astrology, spiritualism, philosophy, world’s religions I could find, I was questioning everything; but nevertheless  for most of my life I was trying to fit in.

Universe speaks to us in a mysterious ways to show us our true power and destiny. First time I experienced it when I was stopped by a gypsy woman who said something that changed the course of my life. I didn’t believe her, and continued to build the life that everyone had. But since then anything I ever started has ended with failure.

I came to Canada, and one day I found the deck of Tarot Cards which I brought back home with me. And by getting to know the deck I got to know myself.  And everything else fell into place.

The Tarot speaks a language that is universal. It is a unique tool for self-understanding and for making choices about the future.  And I want to share it with you.

Come and discover magical world of Tarot with me.


Types of Readings


Custom spreads available upon request, including but not limited to: Love, Career, Friendship, and Family…

Online Tarot  Workshops


Tarot Workshop “The Doctrine of Tarot”

Always wanted learn to read the Tarot but were intimidated and overwhelmed by its complexity? Come for the Workshop and I’ll show you the easy and friendly way to understand and connect with the Tarot.

 During the Workshop we will learn the history of Tarot, how to choose your deck, how to get to know your deck, how to read for yourself and others and basic spreads.

Night out with your friends? don't know what to do? Have a night of Tarot and Wine with Inna. Experience readings, and learn how to give readings.

Please book in advance. 

The class is approximately 90 minutes - $450 for up to 5 people joining.

Private one-on-one Workshop – 350$.