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As a member with the privilege to have access to this remedy is important you understand what Rapé is.


Keep in mind the following;

For the native indigenous people of the Amazon this remedy requires for any user to engage in full spiritual understanding that this is not a commercial good, this is a sacred remedy that requires extreme respect and seriousness .

The families that we work closed and produce the Rapé have accentuate that this is not a recreational remedy, is not to be mixed in a non-sacred/ spiritual space. Please be advice and respect this words, as they are the words directly from the guardians and makers of this remedy. The path of the warrior requires discipline of truthfully seeking your personal spiritual power, if engaged in non spiritual space or mixed with other substances can have serious spiritual consequences. You are responsible to educate yourself about this remedies. Be advised.

Our Rapé :

The most important part of our sacrament is the integrity that comes with, working closely with the Families in Acre, Brazil were most of our Rapé is produced, each batch carefully crafted and sang evoking the power of the Spirit of this Medicine for the ultimate healing effect.

We consider this Medicine a Sacrament, and we hope is seen with eyes of respect and trust towards our fellow brothers and sister from the Amazon forest who make it. We feel that this special plant should be spiritually studied and this is why we offer it to the people who show the interest and seeks for it, this is why you require a password to access it, that password is your interest of growing spiritually.

When sharing this or any other type of medicine or sacrament always invite people to make their own research and when you initiate someone you are partially responsible for their first steps in education with this plant.

"With Love I give

With Love I receive"

-Mestre Irineu


Every medicinal plant is considered by indigenous tribes as a sacrament and as a prayer or intention. We recommend to use this sacred medicine, Rapé, in an environment that is honoring the plant for its teaching and healing abilities. Incense, crystals, chumpi stones, tribal music, and nature, create a perfect space for a meditational and reflective rapé use. Also, it is very essential to aim your mind and prepare an intention before embracing rapé; sit in silence and aim your mind before you get started. This intention can be focused on insights, physical healing, energetic healing, or anything that necessitates healing or clarity in your life. Once you found an intention, ask the universe or the spirit world to help you through that process. Thereafter, the receiver deeply inhales the medicine, first through the left nostril, which symbolizes death. Afterwards, rapé is applied to the right side, which represents rebirth. After the experience, it is best to remain with the eyes closed, while inhaling and exhaling slowly, enabling a thorough grounding and maintenance of focus. Try not to put your experience into words while grounding, rather try to concentrate on your thoughts and energy that is released by the medicine.

Information provided by House of Energy, via this website, or by its employees is purely for historical, scientific and educational purposes and should never be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific use. We can accept no responsibility or liability for the information provided.

To place an order the MEMBER must be 19+ years of age or older. Every order is therefore considered to be submitted in compliance to this condition.