The vaccine of the forest

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Kapun/Kambo is life, health, joy and success -The Yawanawá People

by Raimundo Luis Yawanawá

Firstly, kapun is used by various indigenous peoples. Here in Acre, our Yawanawá people and the Katukina take a lot of kapun. Kaxinawá and Jaminawa also take little. I also heard that the Marubo and Mayoruna of the Javari Valley also take. So, kapun is a traditional knowledge shared by many peoples.

We don't use kapun without diet. There are many old stories about the kapun vaccine. It's our culture. That's why kapun for us is a very important thing that I learned from my father.

Kapun is a green frog that likes to live on the edge of the igapó. We always catch them at the edge of the igapó. There are kapun who live climbing (in the trees) and others who live in the bass and others in the mainland. So there are different types of kapun, depending on where they live.

He is an animal that does not sing at any time. In summer it does not sing. Sings a lot in winter, telling us about the rain. The kapun sang, so it will rain soon. When she sings, it is that crazy noice that is heard from afar. Sings in the mouth at night and at dawn. There is time to sing. Now in summer no one see kapun no, because they don't sing. He is different.

Powerful remedy

So kapun is a very powerful medicine. When we go to take kapun, it's not just a person, it's a lot of people. You have to agree with the applicator to take kapun, explain well why you want to take and the reasons you chose to take kapun with him/her. Not just anyone who can apply kapun vaccine. The person when going to drink kapun because they are feeling weakness, headache, rheumatism, stomach ache, diarrhea, the food is bad, too lazy, or because they sleep too much, it is yellow, with anemia, bucho big, eat clay, have a fever. Each one who takes, gives his opinion, explaining why he wants to take. I'll take because I'm feeling this, I'll take because I'm feeling that and so on. Still others say, I am going to drink kapun because I have taken vine (ayhuasca) and vine, taking too much, and eating all kinds of food, without dieting, also offends, but the kapun cleans up lightheartedness. So for you to get rid of the lightheartedness and get back to normal then you need to drink kapun.

Some hunters take kapun to take the panama. They arrive and say: - I'm panma, I need to kill game and I don't kill anything. Yesterday I went hunting and found the wild hunts, they felt from afar and ran away. I spent the whole day sleepy and didn't kill anything. Each has to explain why the kapun applicator decides how many points to burn on the arm, or leg, if it is female and child. Then burn the skin with the embers of the tip of the titic vine, then put the kapun milk on top. The woman can also say: - I'm going to take kapun because I got a baby and is completing a month of protection, so I need to take too. This is not a thing of now, it is a thing of our ancient culture.


Kambo, Toad or Vaccine of the jungle. All these are names that are given to the secretion of anarborifera frog that lives in the northwestern part of the Amazon jungle (Peru, Colombia and Brazil). Its scientific name is 'Phyllomedusa bicolor' or 'Giant Monkey Frog'. It is used to be free of Panema (name given to negative things) as well as for the magic of hunting;and as a powerful medicine against malaria, snake bites, yellow fever and other epidemic diseases.

Scientific investigation

In the 1980s the Italian scientist nominated for the Nobel Prize Vittorio Erspamer, from the University of Rome, affirmed that the Kambo contains a fantastic chemical cocktail, with possible medical applications, unmatched by any other amphibian.
These peptides have a strong analgesic effect, improve resistance, increase physical strength and in general, improve the ability to withstand pain and stressful situations. They have a medicinal potential that facilitates digestion, and analgesic effects.
With the Kambo there is the opportunity to awaken the body in its natural potency. People who regularly receive this "vaccine" do not get sick and have a lot of energy. Restoring the natural balance avoids the appearance of ailments induced by different viruses

Spiritual Aspects

In his article, Kambo, the Spirit of the Shaman, Marcelo Gomes writes that the Kambo establishes a realignment of the chakras, a mark for the organic and psychological reorganization, from which the person changes their health patterns.

Kambo is a fire medicine. When combined with water that is drunk before treatment, an alchemical transformation occurs and old toxins are released through vomiting or urgent defecation. This cleansing process works not only physically but also spiritually. The frog, by connecting us with our natural wisdom reflects our negative habits and shows us what we should avoid and what we can do to improve our condition. During the treatments with Kambo, many will receive insights. The messages given
by the Kambo can be very simple. Kambo gives us the energy that we normally do not have but that we need for our spiritual path. By
removing Panema's cloud around our energy field we become more open to receiving from the Spirit. Kambo also works very well in combination with sacred plant medicines such as Ayahuasca, especially before or after a ceremony, as it prepares and cleanses the body, mind and spirit opening the doors for a more harmonious and intentional experience.

Meet your Practitioner:

Talitha has been learning from the Yawanawa tradition the healing ritual of Kambo. She has traveled to Mutum, Amazonia to learn from the grandmothers and native people whose teachings have been passed directly to her and granted permission to offer and share this healing ritual for the benefit of the brothers and sister in need . You can be sure that under her loving guidance and the forces of the medicine you will achieve a powerful purification process to regain health, joy and balance.

Kambo Sessions

-One time Kambo sessions

-Kambo Lunar cycle: The Lunar cycle includes 3 sessions in a cycle of 21 days for the brother or sister who 

would like to experience a profound cleaning and healing effect from the medicine.



Kambo Circles in downtown, Toronto:  1  Monday per month

Kambo Circles and Private Sessions in Muskoka : Weekly on going (Please fill the form below to get details)

In the session of Kambo you will experience a rapid reaction in your Nervous System (sympathetic and

parasympathetic). During cleaning you may experience sweating and vomiting. The session lasts between

30 minutes to 1 hour. The intense part lasts between 10 to 30 minutes, and once completed some may need

rest and others will immediately feel energized and reactivated. If it is your first time experiencing this medicine

it is recommended not to have anything planned for at least an hour or two after your session so you are able listen

to what your body needs following the session.

-It is necessary to fast with water with 5 hours of anticipation.
-Drink two liters of water 30 minutes before the session.
- Be comfortably dressed.
-eat a clean low sugar diet the days prior. Avoid alchohol and other substances and avoid process foods.
*the cleaner your body the deeper the medicine cleanse.

Booking Process

Please fill the form below, once submited Talitha will contact you as soon as possible to coninue with the reservation.

Restrictions on Participation
The taking of Kambo is restricted to pregnant women, people with cardiovascular, cardiac problems, severe hypertension, psychopathologies, certain psychiatric diagnoses, fractures or recent surgeries, acute infectious diseases, epilepsy and / or combination with any type of drug. (natural or synthetic). Those people who are in treatment with: Antidepressants: SSRIS, MAOS; pills to lose weight, antihypertensive,
asthma and flu medications, antifungals, nervous system depressants may not be ale to participate. Please consult with us before registering.

*Summary of the article by Giovanni Lattanzi.References1) P. Gorman, "Making magic" by Omni, July 19932) Marcelo Gomes Bolshow, 'Kambo El Espíritu del Chamán'3) "Ruolo dei peptidi antimicrobici nell'immmunita 'innata', Universita 'di Roma. Articles and essaysS. A. (1984) Ph.D. doctoral thesis (Columbia University, New York).V. Erspamer, G. and F. Cei, J. M. (1986) Comp. Biochem. Physiol. C 85, 125-137."Sostanze bioattive: dalla pelle di amphibio al cervello umano", Accademia delle Scienze, Roma Universita 'di, La Sapienza, 1987

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