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We've met before, through the times of sand and the foam of the sea, we are dust from our past and seeds of our future. We are songs and dance of our ancestors who only came to remind you that you're not just bone and flesh, not just reason and intellect but heart and soul, light and inspiration. You are the hand that holds the future and the mirror that reflects the universe 

The Tribe


We gather the energy of the 4 elements and the power of the 7 directions to transform matter into force.

We evoke the power of family unity to bring you into a Sacred Space since the moment you walk in, whether in Toronto or  Tulum the force of Love, Peace and  Unity will vibrate into your thoughts to produce a unique Spiritual Wellness Experience

House of Energy is exactly that. A house that shelters our soul and feed us with the unconditonal energy of wisdom, power and joy.  All this is hosted by us, our tribe. We are an idea and a flexible model to continue 

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House of Energy is a  Spiritual Inspired Boutique in the Famous neighborhood of  Kensington Market in Downtown Toronto. We are showcasing the return to our Ancestral roots : connecting with our planet´s infinite power and wisdom through the collection of what we call "Evolutionary Tools of Consciousness"

Imagine a bohemian museum, with a home feeling. House of Energy joins in the efforts of bringing sustainable, fair-trade and artisanal products designed and tuned for your spiritual practices.


#Venus and Ixchel


Our Story

Crystals Shoppe | Studio | Tea House

House of Energy was born in 2011 in Toronto, Canada over a small conversation in a coffee shop. When Jasmine and Talitha 

were having a mother and daughter conversation in regards the idea of opening a crystal store with a tea house with a boho feeling 

design when suddenly a person from the table next to them came over and apologized for hearing some of the conversation

but let them know that a location over at 696 Lansdowne ave was open for a very affordable rental fee.

Is in this location that House of Energy was created and Open for the first time on the Fall Equinox of 2011  and 

received a very good respond from the community at that time, although not enough to support the expenses the family started looking for a new space.

Our Story

Healing Crystals | Organic Teas | Artisanal Market

In the Winter of 2012 House of Energy open it doors in its new location at 145 Augusta Ave in the 

famous neighbourhood of Kensington Market opening the door to a new spiral of events

that helped transformed the vision and mission of this house.

It was trough walking the path of initiation that House of Energy evolved from a market style shop 

to become a lighthouse for many people searching for a new way of living

House of Energy went through its own cycle of evolution like a small tree that gives 

branches, leafs and eventually fruits.

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Our Story

"Evolutionary Tools of Consciousness"

Is in the past years House of Energy has defined its unique lines and has given birth to what started 

year ago as a trend now is a culture. The culture of living Spiritually and connected to the Indigenous roots and

Ancestral wisdom through spiritual practices that connect the heart of man to the heart of the Universe.

House of Energy today is a Spiritually Inspired Boutique that has curved into new projects that support the vision 

of a New Way of Living were Permaculture, Architecture, Art, Indigenous knowledge and Spiritual practices 

make our lifestyle and fulfil not only the dreams of the reason but the dreams of the soul to 

find the freedom of new lives to come

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Is with care and love that we curate all our products, services and experiences. We calibrate our store to transmit, focus and amplify the power of ancestral wisdom, joy and truth that exists in every product we carry.

We build bridges with artisans, families, communities from all over the world to circle them in one house. The House of Energy. Take them Home, take them to your heart, they are Tools for Evolution of our Consciousness

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House of Energy has the moral commitment to change the way economy benefits individuals and families. 

Since its conception House of Energy has always focus in sharing space and economy wit all 

our community, from giving space to local artisans and artist to display and sale their creations 

to families and communities in Mexico, Latin America and many other places to help us reach to 

other creations of mother earth and the creations of their own culture. 

House of Energy also helps facilitate community events and ceremonies that thrive in creating the 

connection and expanding the social network of Earth Warriors throughout unity events, gatherings, 

ceremonies, retreats and markets.



Is only with Integrity that we can contribute to the change in the chain of supply in our system. We as a family

are committed to dedicate time and resources to find the best suppliers and we give priority to families, communities 

and small collectives whose products are integral part of our catalog. For instance we travel to remote communities

were family owned mines and collective of miners extract the mineral with less intrusive methods and more 

equality in their income.

Another example is our Palo Santo Supplier in Ecuador whose family business is integral part for the community of Manta, Ecuador 

the family has decided to be part of the new way of doing business and has made reforestation of Palo Santo Trees the

spine of its busines where Palo Santo trees get reforested and the wood that is burn for insence is sustainable harvested so we can count 

with this majestic tree for many generations to come. 

Like this example we have many more. And we don't stop here as we continue to offer opportunities of alliances 

and conections with our suppliers, employees and tribe members in an infinite circle of abundance for all. 

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