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Evolutionary Tools of Consciousness for Sacred Spaces, Meditation, Shamanism, Yoga and Spiritual Living


for a new Spiritual Driven Humanity



House of Energy is a  Spiritual Inspired Boutique in the Famous neighborhood of  Kensington Market in Downtown Toronto. We are showcasing the return to our Ancestral roots : connecting with our planet´s infinite power and wisdom through the collection of what we call "Evolutionary Tools of Consciousness"

Imagine a bohemian museum, with a home feeling. House of Energy joins in the efforts of bringing sustainable, fair-trade and artisanal products designed and tuned for your spiritual practices.


Our House storage the ancient memories of a past in humanity that once was common knowledge.

We wish to showcase the work of Mother Earth and her glory. House of Energy is an Universe of Creativity and Flow

The House of Energy experience will bring you back in a world where we are all able to see beyond the body and acknowledge the soul of each one of us.


Is with care and love that we curate all our products, services and experiences. We calibrate our store to transmit, focus and amplify the power of ancestral wisdom, joy and truth that exists in every product we carry.

We build bridges with artisans, families, communities from all over the world to circle them in one house. The House of Energy. Take them Home, take them to your heart, they are Tools for Evolution of our Consciousness

Accessing Timeless Wisdom

Inside House of Energy there is a secret gem that provides access to experiences of initiation with the elements of nature in synergy with native and modern non-invasive techniques. A new space is reveal and matter takes new shapes as we help dissolve the heart walls that imposes suffering in our lives and confuses the meaning of our human condition.

We offer a wide varieties of:


-Alternative Therapies




-Sacred Space rental


At the House of the Ancestors, we curate events and experiences that help us reconnect with our Ancestors and the legacy of their wisdom. We invite you to join our community in ongoing wellness rituals and to bring your own tribe along to this sanctuary, the perfect setting for Spiritual Connection.


Wellness happenings

We believe synergy with one another is a fundamental part of our individual healing. At the House of Energy and the House of the Ancestors, we have created special experiences that aim to balance and restore, true moments where our community comes as one to find peace and joy in mutual harmony.

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