House of Energy’s new Energy Healing Exchange Program (EHEP) is a program dedicated to give anyone interested in the art of energy healing a space and time to share and practice their skills through giving and receiving treatments. This program is not focused in one school of thought or energy healing modality. We believe that all modalities have a powerful healing technique as long as they are practiced with integrity and sincerity.  Participants will be allowed to share their energy healing technique with the group and perform one on one treatments. This space is an opportunity not only to polish your healing technique, but also to receive healing, and help others achieve the same.


 No matter the linage we follow, as the Healing path is for the ones with an open heart and for the “will to do good”.


How it works;


-The program will be run twice a month on Monday evening. (changes may apply)

-All participants are required to preregister online or in person as there only 13 spots available for each session.

-There is no fee to register, only a $5 donation to cover basic utilitie costs.

- Healings will be performed on the floor or chears

-Water and Tea will be served



What to bring;


-Participants are encourage to wear white colour comfortable clothing.

- Bring your healing tools like crystals, wands etc

- A clear mind and heart




6:30 - Gather and select your seats

6:50- Welcome and introduction

7:15 – Meditation

7:30- First round of Healings

8:00- One on One sharing experience

8:15- Meditation

8:30- Second Round of Healing

9:00- One on One sharing experience

9:15- Meditation

9:30 –Sharing Circle

10:00 – Closing Chant

Visit  the Tribe


145 Augusta Ave

Kensington Market

Toronto, Canada


Winter Hours of Operation

Monday - 12pm to 6pm

Tuesday - CLOSED

Wednesday - 12pm to 6pm

Thursday - 12pm to 6pm

Friday - 12pm to 7pm

Saturday - 11am to 7pm

Sunday - 12pm to 6pm

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