Introduction to Power Crystals and Stones

Introduction to Power Crystals and Stones

Crystals (and gems) are the purest manifestation of energy and light on the physical plane. The atoms that compose them are in perfect harmony, and thus allow the manifestation of light in solid form. Physically it is already proven and proven that crystals are the best conductors and amplifiers of energy, being used in the composition of optical fiber, computer chips, clock making (Ruby, Quartz), etc. Similarly, as they are conductors, receivers, amplifiers or power generators, they are used metaphysically for healing, meditation, energizing environments and people, or any other living being. Crystals have life, they are part of a larger whole formed of pure energy. All that is energy is life and has life. These very special beings can become indispensable friends, assisting in spiritual growth and self-knowledge, and especially by teaching countless ways to positively utilize their energy in conjunction with ours.

We must learn to relate to them as best we can, and thus we will be improving our relationship with our Higher Self, our fellow beings, the planet, the Universe, and the greatest force that is God / Goddess / All That Is. . It is of the utmost importance that the heart and intuition are ever present, and thousands of individual discoveries will be offered from living and relating to these wonderful beings. The mere contemplation of a Quartz Crystal or a precious or semi-precious stone already transmits energy and brings us to other dimensions and to the perception of parallel realities through light, purity and beauty. With the help of crystals, we enter more clearly into our inner world. The only secret to the perfect functioning of the interaction of the energy of a crystal with our own is the clear intention.

One must know that the crystal alone cannot process any kind of healing. The interaction of energies is absolutely necessary. There are various types of crystals and gems, and each has its own particular energy. To make a practical and easy comparison, the Quartz Crystal would be like a general practitioner, that family doctor, who knows a little about everything, and is also a counselor, psychologist, friend, etc. Already the colored stones are the experts, each dominating their area of ​​energy and healing, with more specific energies. For this reason, it is advisable that the first stone to be purchased is a simple, single-ended quartz crystal. From the relationship with this first crystal, we gradually increase our collection and begin to interact with the different energies of the different stones.

The first step is choosing our first crystal. Sometimes he is presented to us, sometimes we meet him by chance, sometimes we acquire him. In the latter case it is advisable to feel and look at various crystals, and choose exactly the one that attracts us, that catches our eye. It is often said that we do not choose a crystal, it is he who chooses us. The important thing is to bring him home and establish a relationship from the first moment. With possession of the crystal, proceed to its cleaning and energizing


   * When your crystal breaks into several pieces, put them together and place in a garden or potted plant. If just a splinter or small fracture doesn't matter, keep using it the same way. Often the stones break or crumble, and when this happens it is because they have received a charge of energy that may have been directed at you and sacrificed themselves for your benefit. This usually happens with Malachites and Black Tourmaline.

* If a double-terminated Crystal breaks in the middle when you are in someone else's presence, keep one end and give it to the other. When this happens, it is because the relationship between the two is in need of some clarity or balance.

* Consider your crystals and stones as extensions of your own being. If you have any questions about how long to leave them to clean or energize, or what is the best method, think about what would be good for you and do the same for them. For example, if you have more affinity for oriental incense, these will be best for cleaning your stones. If your affinity is the incense attached to Shamanism, such as sage, cedar and sagebrush, the same goes for your stones, and so on.

* Never place fish or plants in a rock aquarium designed for cleaning environments, as they will not survive. If you have an ornamental aquarium, with fish and plants, you can put some crystals to energize the fish and plants, but in this case the clear intention of the aquarium is not for cleaning environments.

* When doing some kind of work with the stones to send healing energy at a distance, always remember to ask, in meditation, the Higher Self of the person to whom you want to send this energy, so as not to disrespect the person's free will. After asking for permission, you will have the exact feeling whether or not to proceed with the work.

* If you have dogs as pets, do not put small Quartz Crystal tips for them, as they have a habit of eating the stones, and if they have tips, they can injure them inwardly. Give preference in this case to small rolled parts as they can be swallowed without harming animals. As for other animals, such as cats, you need not worry as they do not eat the stones.

* Crystals and gems can and should be applied in conjunction with other energy utilization techniques such as Dowsing and Radionics, Reiki, Massages, Shamanic Ceremonies, etc.

* Don't stick to any rules if your intuition dictates otherwise. Crystals and stones amplify intuition and you should trust it. If you think you need to apply a stone to a different chakra than you would, you can do so without fear of making a mistake.

* Always give preference to stones in their raw state, or simply polished or rolled. Cut stones may contain what is called shape energy, which gives more shape to the shape than the energy of the stone itself. Only curved cuttings such as spheres, eggs or cabochons do not harm the energetic force of the stones.

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