The Tribe

This is the House for your Soul.

A reminder of what we are made of,

and were we are going.


We carry with a large verity of tumble stones, spheres, points, recharger stations, pyramids, Vogel wands, reflexology wands, massage wands, scrying mirrors, generators all made from hundreds of different stones and ranging from small pocket size to museum grade display pieces.


We are always expanding and adding more crystals to our collection and as we continue our crystal journey we encounter from common to extreme exotic pieces including Lemurian Quartz points, Veracruz Amethyst, Elestial Quartz, Moldovite and different Tektites and an incredible assortmet of fossils from ammonites, ammolites, shark teeth and natural bugs in amber.


House of Energy – Healing Crystals and Exotic Minerals Collection is your best Source of Mothers Nature ultimate gift for humanity. We specialized in Minerals from the American continent and specially from Mexico. We are the only Source in Canada that trades direcly Veracruz Amethyst, Amber, Zacatecas Amethyst, Fire Opals, Fire Agate, Obsidians, Fluorite, Turquoise and Calcites Geodes.

House of Energy is the house of the Soul and here you will find that space carries with more wisdom than matter sometimes. We evoke to grab your souls attention and to establish a safe channel of communication for your spiritual practice.


We welcome you to the Source of Mothers Natures Tools that will help you heal, connect, and perceive life in its maximum expression.


House of Energy





 House of Energy showcases some of the most unique, incredible, and powerful crystals and Minerals in Toronto handcrafted by Mother Earth. Personally chosen by the hands of our family and our Crystal Children. We carry with a large verity of Cut Crystals, Exotic minerals, raw crystals, Vogel cut, polished stones, jewellery, fossils, and local, Semi precious stone beads, handcrafted crystal jewelry and accessories.


Our Store offers you the incredible opportunity to hold, wear, and feel each piece before you buy. Each trip to our store is a new experience and a new find. The energy emanating from our collection is vibrant, clear and vivid like no other. The guardian of the House are usually there to help you guide and understand the crystals you may choose.

We carry with a large variety of crystal jewellery tumbled stones, sterling silver and copper gemstone pendants, earrings, and rings; raw, tumbled, polished, and carved pendants and drilled stones ready to be set or strung. Also we carry with a large variety of Sacred Geometry Pendants, carved bone pendants and rings and silver chains.






Be part of the new Spiritual Driven  global family . House of Energy is a house for all wanderer souls seeking for the light and love in their hearts, we are here to offer your soul the comfort and the tools to achieve the ultimate human stage, Spiritual freedom!

Welcome to the Family!



Venus & Ixchel