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My name is Alley and I am a certified Meditation Facilitator & Meditation Coach. I am passionate about humanity's consciousness evolution and I am an avid student of life, fascinated by divinity, sacred geometry, water healing and wellness. In this life journey the practice of meditation has been an incredible medicine for me. It has helped me to continue on in difficult times and to be present for inevitable varied life experiences. Daily meditation has given the gift of calmness, of being tuned in to subtle energies and the ability to be with temporality. It has grown peace within me, brought remembering of who I am, of who we are and what humanity is capable of as evolving spiritual beings. I think meditating regularly is one of the most potent ways to contribute to peace on Earth. In meditation you can learn or improve any area of your life. You can learn to raise your vibration, to bring the energies inside of you up higher and higher to reach new heights of awareness and knowing. You can access your innate divine wisdom and strength and learn to listen deeply to what each moment is showing you. You can learn to balance in your life and in your mind. I can guide you to learn to be mindful, to be empowered in your intuition and self guidance, to access your innate self-healing abilities, to centre yourself, to work with your chakras, to work through difficult emotions and truly be present in the eternal now moment. These and many gifts of this nature will spring up naturally when you practice meditation with openness and some dedication.